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Now and then we receive emails from families who have gotten their puppy from us. We absolutely love to keep in touch with owners of our previous puppies and we’ve even had the joy of babysitting one of our puppies(Gus) while his family was out-of-town. Here is a recent short list of testimonies from people who have chosen Grazy Puppy home as their breeder – We know them as “friends”

Maria – January 28th, 2018
Its been a while, but its loren papagoda! i just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Buck and Lucilles daughter, “Cynthia”, is doing so wonderful. she instantly got a long with our 6 year old chi “Penelope” and the two have become great friends. Little Cynthia is our pride and joy! not only is she absolutely gorgeous she is so smart and spunky and playful. she is running up and down the stairs (under watchful eye) and jumping over the baby gate we purchased for her (which has been replaced with plywood)… she is an absolute joy and we love her dearly. her vet appointments have gone great! again, thank you so much! i have attached some pictures of Cynthia and Penelope. i will most definitely be coming back to you for a puppy # 3! thank you so much again!

 I am Jessica – March 16th, 2017
I was so amazed when I went to her house and she opened the gate to her kitchen filled with dogs called buck and only buck came out all the rest just stayed put!! My dog is harassed by 3 girls all day and never complains and a baby is her fav thing if there is a baby around she is not happy unless sitting on top of them lol I am also truly happy I stumbled across her website I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. I swear I didn’t have to teach mine anything! She was just born awesome and perfect lol And I def agree its all due to Trish’s amazing talent and love for her babies!!!

 Melissa – May 20th, 2017
I am not really a small dog person, I’ve just seen more negative things than positive but a year and a half ago had situation happened and my husband thought I might benefit from a lap dog, so I started looking and came across Patricia Gionet page and noticed she had 1 pup out of her 2 litters at the time left, and i believe it was meant to be because he’s helped me heal a lot. He even goes in he play pen w my 2 year old sometimes because he’s so good w him. At first I thought maybe he was so good because he grew up w a German shepherd, but after seeing Trish and all her happy customers I’ve come to realize that shes just an amazing breeder. Her hole operation Is full of love & its not something you see a whole lot.

 Lisa – May 8th, 2017
I bought a long bulky rott puppy named joe(changed to bloo)from trish.her house/yard are very neat and bloo is very healthy,spunky,loving,lots of charm.i had checked out many other possibilities(including some breeders who had pups for less)and there was no way i could compare my bloo to any other pup i saw.getting a pup is a lifelong responsibility and it took me 5 months to pick out the right pup from the right household but i’m glad i took the time.i would recommend trish to anyone asking me about a pup and if i got another i would go straight to trish myself.this should be your first and last stop.

 Steven – January 20th, 2018

Got our gentleman from Grazy puppies and have never been happier. We had been wanting a puppy for a while and by impulse, I found and called brad one Saturday night just to check if he had puppies. He said yes and we were out there the next morning to check them out. We fell in love with Wins right away and brought him home that very same day.

Just wanted to let you know Keady (Savannah) is doing great. We took her to the vet last Friday and everything looks good. We forgot to take a stool sample with us, but Keady was sure to provide them with a fresh one on the exam room floor. Other than that, the housetraining is going well, mistakes are few and far between. She’s made some friends with other dogs in the neighborhood. In fact, our neighbors have a 6 month old golden retriever that runs over to our fence to look for her any time they take her out. If we’re out there with Keady, they run back and forth until they have to drag the retriever away. Well, here are a couple pics from last week. Thanks again and talk to you soon,

– Brent & Susan

I got my beautiful baby girl from Brad at Grazy puppies in feb 12 2018! From the moment I began a dialogue with him about purchasing a puppy, he was amazing. Answered all my questions, photos and provided me with all the information I needed to make my decision! The quality and beauty of his puppies are outstanding and I couldn’t be happier with my little girl! He was honest and it was clear to me he cares about each and every one of his puppies and dogs.
Brad and Grazy puppies are high quality and undeniably wonderful!!!


                –Jennifer in New York

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